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Black Tuesday: The passing of the ‘secrecy bill’

These images are from protests in Cape Town, South Africa, against the Protection of State Information Bill that was passed in Parliament today. I don’t have many words today. Today is Black Tuesday.

Protesters manage to lower two of the four South African flags outside Parliament before police arrive. The bill is passed, the flags fly high. What now?

Want to know more? Mail and Guardian Online and Business Day have published excellent articles on the ‘secrecy bill’.

Walking on Walls with Mak1One

Still day four of Creative Week Cape Town 2011 and something a little different: a graffiti walk-and-talk-about in The Fringe with Cape Town artist Mak1One.

Pink ‘n Posh – and pretty

I have to break for a moment from the post Creative Week run-down for something else creative. Yesterday saw the relaunch of Pink ‘n Posh, a small interior design company run by graphic designer Lara Hughes – and me shooting amidst champagne, coffee and cupcakes.

Pink ‘n Posh specialises in vinyl stickers for indoor spaces. The great thing about vinyl, for folks like me living in rented spaces, or indecisive people, is it pops on the wall (or glass or tiles) quickly, and comes off again when you’re sick of it or need to move. But it’s only good if it’s gorgeous, and luckily, these are.

Lara has a particular flair that she brings to all her creations at Pink ‘n Posh. And it’s not just that she loves bright colours – something abundantly clear from her kiddie vinyls and Pink ‘n Posh’s own branding – Lara is just as comfortable creating an elegant living room piece or something minimalist for an office wall.

But that’s not all: Lara creates vinyls for laptops, light switches, fridges, wheelie bins; also wallpaper and other illustrated goodies. Select from the existing range, or get something custom made.

You can see everything Pink ‘n Posh has to offer at www.pinkandposh.co.za.

Shadowclub at The Assembly

From red wine and harmonicas to guys with guitars: still day two of Creative Week Cape Town 2011, I’ve already photographed three events –  a film screening, a little puppetry festival, and Jeremy Loops at Sound and Motion Studios - but it’s Saturday night so it ain’t over yet.


I make a quick turn past The Assembly to snap Shadowclub, part of a quadruple bill. Night photography is extra interesting since my flash was stolen in Pietermaritzburg, but The Assembly like to play with stage lights, so I work with the swoops and flashes until I get my shots, and then I duck.

I’ve already been mistaken for a Thunda photographer on the way in, so ducking is not as easy as it should be – I’m constantly accosted by young, drunk couples wanting their picture taken. I make it out the door eventually, and home, to bed.

Jeremy Loops at Sound and Motion Studios

Day two of Creative Week Cape Town and I’m back at Sound and Motion Studios to see Jeremy Loops doing a live recording. Turns out there’s an entire film crew, so I get a spot in the corner with the sound guys, but the red wine is good and the music is better, so I don’t really mind.


Jeremy Loops does some stuff with a bunch of instruments, vocals, and a loop pedal. Oh, and some friends, who join in with more instruments and more vocals. The result is high energy musical fun. You can read all about them, and him, on the Jeremy Loops Facebook page.


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